Better strawberry cultivation and savings through new irrigation strategy

Peter Lemmen and cropadvisor Jan Janssen of Delpy explain how they found the optimal irrigation strategy with the help of Growficient sensors.

Blackberry nursery J. Pouls

Blackberry grower Jeroen Pouls argues: “If you don’t try, you won’t get any wiser.” And wiser he is now. Thanks to the use of Growficient, he […]

Collaboration a key step towards autonomous irrigation

Piet Wijnen is the cultivation manager of various strawberry greenhouse sites of Dutch nursery Thwan of Gennip BV. At two sites, he uses a Ridder (formerly […]

Ad Hurks – Crop advisor

Ad Hurks is a consultant in different types of soft fruit in the soft fruit industry and is active in this sector worldwide. For example he […]

Precise control over irrigation raspberries

A big challenge when growing raspberries is determining the right way of irrigation. Determining the right moments to water is important, but often happens on a hunch. Nowadays irrigation can be monitored and optimised with substrate sensors from Growficient. Grower Bart Mensen from Verpaalen Soft Fruit and soft fruit consultant Ad Hurks will tell us more about this.

Richard van Dijk – Strawberry nursery Hoogsewetering

Richard van Dijk has been cultivating strawberries in a greenhouse of nearly 1 hectare in Pijnacker, the Netherlands since 2011. He has selected the Malling Centenary […]