The substrate sensor reinvented

Together with growers, we have developed the ideal soil moisture sensor that works in every type of substrate and complies to their three main requirements: simple, reliable, and affordable.

What makes the sensor unique

Before designing the sensor, we have listened well to the growers’ wishes. Based on their ideas, we have developed a reliable sensor with patented technology that is super simple to use and packed with special functionality to ensure an accurate and robust measurement.

Measures all important values: Water Content (%), EC (mS/cm), substrate temperature (Celcius) en environment temperature (Celcius).

Our patented measurement technology gives reliable measurement in every type of substrate: rockwool, cocopeat, perlite, coir, whitepeat, etc.

Measures every 5 minutes giving you detailed insight of the rootzone. 

The sensor has different pin-lengths giving a good measurement of the whole height of the substrate. 

Truly wireless making it possible to place the sensor anywhere at the location, easily change position, use it in different crops.

Lifelong battery lifetime. The sensor and the wireless network are optimised for power consumption. Therefore the battery will last for more than 5 years. 

Can buffer measurement for up to 24 hours in case the wireless network is temporarily not available. This ensure no loss of data. 

Waterproof enclosure (IP67) enabling the sensor to be used indoors as well as outdoors. 

Multiple sensors per section

We believe that multiple sensors per section are required for detailed insights and good steering information. This will give you reliable averages and a good understanding of the differences within a section.

The right amount of sensors is depending on the crop, the size of the watering sections, and the amount of variaties within a section. As a rule of thumb, we suggest 4-6 sensors per hectare (2-3 sensors per acre). 

Reliable and accurate in every type of substrate

Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, the sensor gives reliable and accurate measurements in every type of substrate. It doesn’t matter if you are using rockwool, cocopeat, perlite, coir, or another type of substrate. 

And for every situation we have researched and tested what the best position is for placing the sensor. 

The advantages of our sensor


No hassle with cables. Because the sensor is wireless, it can be placed and moved easily anywhere at your location or between your locations.


No buttons and always working. Simplicity, maintenance free, and durability where the core principles of the sensor design. 

Different crops

Because the sensor works in every type of substrate, it can be used in different crops maximising the use throughout the season. 

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