Optimal coverage in every situation

Our receiver creates a wireless network with optimal coverage for our sensors. Inside a greenhouse or outside in open fields. 

How it works

  • To ensure good wireless coverage for our sensors, every location gets one or multiple receivers. 
  • The sensors are wirelessly connected with the receiver. Every measurement is directly sent from the sensor to the receiver.  
  • The receiver is connected to the internet and sends every measurement to our cloudplatform for further processing. Connecting to the internet can be via 4G, WiFi or Ethernet. 
  • For making it easy, we supply a 4G data simcard in Europe and the USA.
  • Installation of the receiver is super simple (‘Plug & Play’) and can be easily be done by the grower. 


Depending on the situation, one or multiple receivers will be used to create a wireless network for the sensors that covers the entire location. 

Indoor or Outdoor

Depending on the location, we supply an indoor or outdoor receiver.


At indoor locations, we supply an indoor version of the receiver. These are normally placed above the concrete path in the greenhouse, but it also possible to place them above the plants.  

We normally supply receivers with a 10m (30ft) long power cable making it easy to install it at the right spot. Only a power socket is required.


For outdoor location, we determine with the customer what the best location is for installing the receiver and what accessories are required. In most cases, the receiver is placed on the roof, attached to the building, or on a pole. 

All outdoor receivers are by default supplied with a lightning arrestor 

Gertus de Sauvage


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