Optimal irrigation for every grower

The sensor platform that provides detailed insight into the growing medium and supports growers in optimising the irrigation.

More control. More assurance.

Growficient is the grower’s assistant who provides more insight, control, and assurance. We support you in monitoring and optimising the irrigation strategy and detecting errors early. This allows you to get a higher yield and less losses with less water, fertilisers, and labor.

1. Substrate Sensor

Our unique and reliable water content meter for every type of substrate.

2. Receiver

The Plug & Play receiver with an optimal range indoors and outdoors.

3. Growboard

A clear dashboard to monitor the irrigation for both small and large companies.

The sensor for coir, peat, perlite and rockwool

Our unique and patented measuring method and variable pin length ensure that our water content meter gives good and reliable results with any type of substrate. And because of its simplicity and good wireless range, the sensor always works. Another advantage is that the power consumption is so low that you never have to change the batteries.

Focus on irrigation

Together with growers and advisers, we have developed an intuitive dashboard that seamlessly fits into your business operations. Whether you have a small or large company with multiple locations, our Growboard gives you a quick overview and detailed insight into the growing medium. Anytime, anywhere. Accessible to you, your colleagues and your crop advisor.

Works everywhere

The receiver ensures optimal coverage of the sensors inside the greenhouse or outside in the field. Due to its flexible housing, the receiver is available in various configurations so that it can be adapted to the location. Partly due to the standard 4G SIM card supplied, the receiver is very easy to install (plug & play).

Why Growficient?

Experience the benefits of Growficient by using multiple sensors per watering section for good and reliable control information.

Better insight

Get a better understanding of what happens in the substrate and what the effects are of your watering strategy.

More control

Gain insight into whether things are going well and get more control through detailed control information per watering section.

More assurance

Growficient is like an insurance premium. It gives more assurance that water related problems are prevented.

Companies that proceeded you

Dozens of growers worldwide are using Growficient to gain more insight into the root environment and to optimise their irrigation. 


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