Better roots.
Better plants.
Better yield.

The only sensor platform that focuses on optimising and automating the irrigation. 

Developed together with growers and advisors

We have developed the Growboard together with growers and advisors based on their three main requirements. 

20 seconds

Every time you use the Growboard, you will know in 20 seconds if things go well or not. 

Large and small

It is clear and works well for both small and large companies with multiple locations. 


Easy to use without constantly interpreting large amounts of data and graphs.

Consistent and clear

  • The Growboard has the same structure as a location. Sensors are part of a section. Multiple sections form a compartment. And a location consists of one or several compartments. 
  • All names can be adjusted to match your situation. 
  • The dashboard refreshes automatically every 5 minutes. You can keep your dashboard open and always see the current status when looking at it.  
  • Every user can only see the locations he/she is supposed to see. This is determined by the main user.  
  • Also crop advisors can get access making it easy to discuss the irrigation strategy without being on-site.

Get detailed insights, control, and assurance

Know what is happening in the substrate with heatmaps and graphs on any level (section, compartment, and location).  

  • Get 24/7 control whether the irrigation in every section is according to plan.
  • Get detailed insights what the effects are of your irrigation strategy on the Water Content, Dry-out and EC. .
  • Get real-time information on the dry-out in the substrate in the morning or compared to the last watering.
  • Get a better root environment by changing the irrigation strategy using the insights. E.g. start earlier in the morning, end later in the afternoon or whether or not to give an extra night shot.

Always know whether it is going well

  • The Growboard works on every device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  
  • Every user can create its own thresholds on every parameter (Watercontent, EC, Dry-out, Substrate Temperature, and Environment Temperature). 
  • Get warnings when a threshold is reached. This is clearly visible in the Growboard. But also E-mail, SMS, and soon Mobile Push Messages are possible. 

Connected to the irrigation computer

To further unburden growers, our goal is to automate the irrigation as much as possible. A connection with the irrigation computer is the first step. We are now building smart interfaces for as many systems as possible.

The connection

We don’t connect our sensors directly to the irrigation computer. Instead, we connect our cloud platform to your computer making it possible to control the irrigation by our sensor data and smart algorithms.  

How it works

Our cloud platform is connected to your irrigation computer via the internet. Every 5 minutes we send reliable averages as well as triggers to the computer that can be used to control the irrigation. 

The advantages

  • Compare our sensor data with other available data in the irrigation computer (e.g. climate data and drain information). 
  • Create thresholds in the irrigation computer to control the irrigation to start the irrigation based on our data. 

Supported systems

We currently support Hortimax (Ridder), and Hoogendoorn. But are working on more systems.

Privacy & Security

Veiligheid en privacy vinden wij heel belangrijk. 

  • Alle data is van de gebruiker. Wij zullen deze nooit zonder toestemming delen met derden. 
  • Het platform draait op servers in Amsterdam. 
  • Onze hostingprovider zorgt voor een optimale beschikbaarheid en beveiliging van ons platform. 
  • Over de beschikbaarheid zijn heel transparant. Wil je meer weten of geïnformeerd worden over (on)geplande downtime, hou deze pagina in de gaten of laat daar je e-mail achter.

“Unburdening growers is important. We all have enough work to do and more and more is being added. Growficient helps with this, for example by enabling me to quickly look at the data remotely during the weekend or during lunch. Then I can continue doing other things within 2 minutes.”

Piet Wijnen
Cultivation Manager Strawberry

Companies that proceeded you

Although we only recently launched our service, already dozens of European and now also US growers are using Growficient to gain more insight into the root environment and to optimise their irrigation. 


Would you like to know more about us? Or are you interested in using our products just like dozens of other growers in Europe and the US? Let us know.